Spring Creek Farm Offers Experimental Opportunity in Local Sustainable Food Systems

The Alaska Pacific University-owned Spring Creek Farm is an Alaska agriculture powerhouse, producing thousands of pounds of locally grown food from three greenhouses and six acres in a perfect model of sustainable small-scale farming. Sean Maguire met with farm managers Joshua Faller and Megan Talley to write up this great story in the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman last week about what the experimental homestead is doing these days in Palmer.

Among other things, the farm hosts interns from around the world, provides a plethora of educational opportunities for Alaskans of all ages, and provides for hundreds of people through the Alaska Tilth Program which provides fresh foods for low-income families in the Valley.

Spring Creek is proving to be a key player in Alaska ag innovation as it offers a location to develop new ideas and technology to tackle problems such as invasive weeds, food-system sustainability, and even poverty prevention.

With an ever-growing demand for local food production, it might be worthwhile to find out what you can learn from Spring Creek Farm as they discover new ways to make farming in Alaska a viable enterprise.

Read more: Growing Alaska | | frontiersman.com

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