Jeff Lowenfels on the evils of mayday trees | Alaska Dispatch News

This week’s ADN gardening column has Jeff Lowenfels expounding on the evils of the mayday tree, taking advantage of summer nursery sales, and offering tips on how to keep dandelions at bay as well as pointers for weed eating, leaf blowing, staking, fertilizing and pollinating. But really, it’s mostly about the maydays!

Introducing this tree to Alaska was a terrible mistake made by pioneers. Now we know better. This plant is high on the list of no-nos for Alaska gardeners. Again, it doesn’t matter that they might be pretty. Stop planting them and get rid of what you have. Pull any trees that are 2 inches in diameter. Bigger trees should have trunks and all roots removed. Keep at those seedlings and runner plants that pop up in your lawn. By the way, if you are a master gardener advocating for this tree, you should be stripped of your credentials and banned from the yard. Harsh words, but this is such a bully of plant.

Source: Don’t plant mayday trees. Don’t even let your existing ones remain. – Alaska Dispatch News

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